I am...

ReadingDeath Comes to Marlow by Robert Thorogood

Listening to The Last Party by Clare Mackintosh--I'll finish it tonight and probably start Wellness by Nathan Hill

Loving:  this short week

Thinking:  about cooking dinner

Feeling:  hungry, I didn't have a real lunch

Celebrating:  I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and break

Grateful for:  I ordered a Thanksgiving meal for me and my parents so we don't have to cook or clean up

Enjoying:  I was able to get a good chunk of schoolwork done today

Weather:  it is 28° and clear with periodic clouds

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The Gal Herself said...

I think it's wonderful that you're letting someone else cook. Restaurants around here are still struggling: First covid, then supply chain issues and, with inflation, people are eating out less. It's as nice to help them out as it is to not cook!