birthday shoutout

Today is The Gal's birthday! With an assist from Bard...

In the realm of words, a voice so true, 

One Gal's Musings, a blog we grew. 

With each heartfelt post, a bond so deep, 

A virtual haven where thoughts can leap.

Oh, birthday dear, a celebration grand, 

For a writer's touch, always at hand. 

Your words like brushstrokes, painting a scene, 

Emotions evoked, both vibrant and keen.

With ink as your guide, you navigate the soul, 

Unveiling stories that make us whole. 

Through laughter and tears, your words intertwine, 

A tapestry of thoughts, a life so fine.

In the realm of blogging, you stand so tall, 

A beacon of light, inspiring all. 

With every sentence, you capture the heart, 

One Gal's Musings, a work of art.

So raise a glass to the blogger so dear, 

Whose words ignite a passion so clear. 

May your birthday be filled with joy and glee, 

And may your muse continue to set you free.

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

Oh, wow! This is fantastic and it means so much to me! Thank you, thank you. I look back at old posts and all I see is typos and clumsy word choices. It's comforting and important that you see beyond them.

Plus, I CANNOT write poetry or lyrics. I'm missing that gene. So I admire your for doing this.

Thank you, and thank you again.