ten things tuesday

Ten things that are more boring than watching paint dry:

1)  Faculty meetings that should have been an email.

2)  Educational workshops by people who have not been in the classroom for YEARS.

3)  Zoom meetings when everyone has the camera off.  Staring at many black boxes is mind-numbing.

4)  Waiting in the ER to be seen from midnight to six o'clock in the morning.  BTDT.

5)  Watching a chess tournament.

6)  Watching bowling on TV.

7)  Collating handouts.

8)  Decorating bulletin boards.  Thankfully, I always have student projects on display.

9)  Waiting for the customer ahead of me to quit fumbling with money/wallet/keys so that the cashier can wait on me!

10) The morning drive-thru line at Dunkin'.

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The Gal Herself said...

#7 gave me PTSD from the 2004 John Kerry campaign. 20 years ago, voters wrote in and asked for the candidate's policy papers. I spent a very long night stuffing envelopes with cover letters and the proper fact sheets. I remember walking around the table, saying to myself, "This one wants Homeland Security and Medicare. There's Homeland but where the hell is Medicare?"