ten things tuesday

Ten stupid things people do in public:

1) Talking loudly on their phone. This happened just today--I got an earful of a private conversation while at the nail salon.
2) Littering or leaving trash behind. Throwing trash on the ground is not only harmful to the environment but it's nasty-looking. And leaving a mess for someone else to pick up is lazy and rude.
3) Cutting people off in traffic. This is dangerous and can lead to accidents.
4) Not using headphones when listening to music or watching videos. This can be disruptive to others, especially if the volume is turned up loud. And singing along? Yikes!
5) Being rude to customer service workers. These workers are just trying to do their job, and they don't deserve to be treated poorly.
6) Picking their nose or ears, or belching and farting. This is disgusting and unsanitary behavior and seriously? No one needs to see or hear that.
7) Blocking sidewalks or doorways. This is annoying, especially for people with disabilities or strollers.
8) Staring at people or taking pictures without permission. I mean, I remember saying "Take a picture it will last longer" when strangers would stare, but now? they will!
9) Yelling at their children. This is embarrassing for the children and is not effective discipline.
10) Bringing their pets into places they are not allowed. Especially under the guise of support animals. It's inconsiderate to people with allergies or fears.


CountryDew said...

#10 is a big one for me. I'm allergic to animals and then people bring them into restaurants and grocery stores (eww).

The Gal Herself said...

Do drivers near you listen to LOUD music? It's creepy to me when I'm on the sidewalk and can hear the tunes from a passing car. How can that driver possibly hear sirens or horns? (Plus it's never a song I like.)