sunday stealing

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1. October reading & writing goals and plans none and done!

2. Something I did that totally paid off I ordered groceries for pick up--just a few staples

3. I want to see this make a comeback Thank you cards or notes.  Especially after spending a significant amount of time writing a letter of recommendation.

4. Generational traits I really value As a GenXer, I am an independent thinker and worker--although I love being part of a team I am not a fan of groupthink but I am a fan of a laid-back workplace and I resist being micromanaged

5. Changes I’d like to see in my daily environment I want to keep decluttering

6. Favorite soup dishes my favorite soup is tomato bisque and I am a fan of most hot soups and stews

7. Start with the best part, or save the best for last I'm generally a save the best for last

8. The most chaotic part of my daily life well--I teach high school so from the moment I walk into the building until I shut my car door to go home there are people making demands of my attention--frequently multiple people at once

9. If I could only eat 10 things, I’d pick: potatoes, thin crust or hand-tossed pizza, salad, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, fresh strawberries, Honeycrisp or Zestar apples, oatmeal, chicken salad, Dad's chicken stew

10. What Autumn feels like where I live--Northern Maine has crisp days with warm sun, a range of colors especially a range of reds and oranges, it feels like taking a deep breath and sighing with relief

11. The teacher who would be most proud of me hmmm, I will choose the three most inspirational teachers:  7th grade social studies Mr. Smith, 9th grade world history Miss Dingwall, and college professor/mentor Dr. Horton

12. My go to Halloween snacks & treats I don't usually have Halloween visitors so I get whatever candy catches my fancy and this year it's Snickers

13. 10 ways my life is great right now: I have excellent relationships with my family, strong ties with my friends, I have been asked to be the chair of the library board of trustees, my curriculum leadership at school is being acknowledged by the administration, my classes are going well and the students are engaged, I think I will reach my reading goal for the year, my health is very good, I am in a good place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I have been sleeping well, and I have been honoring my boundaries

14. A perfect day indoors looks like… sleeping in with no alarm, reading, knitting, and savoring Dunkin' iced coffee

15. Pumpkin spice… oftentimes gives me heartburn


Plastic Mancunian said...

#5 - I've been decluttering for the past few weeks now and it is so cathartic. It's brilliant - and surprisingly quite good fun.




The Gal Herself said...

I love your #13. I'm glad you're enjoying consequential good things.

Roger Owen Green said...

My decluttering will end when I die, I think. It's a constant.

CountryDew said...

Your #10 was good, too! I love that you were so specific with your foods.

Lisa said...

I love your list of great things in your life!! I know it isn't funny when you have heartburn but for some reason when I read your answer . . .I actually laughed out loud. I think it was a surprise answer!

Bev Sykes said...

wow...100 books. I made 50 last year, but it was a struggle.