self-care sunday

Today I am having high anxiety.  I am not comfortable in my own skin.  I am not able to put my finger on a single cause.  

Chaos in today's world is weighing on me.  I do not believe that war actions will solve the world's problems.  I do not believe the American political parties are putting forward the best candidates.  I mean, seriously--these are the BEST candidates?  What has happened to integrity???? Closer to home, I have a difficult situation to deal with regarding plagiarism in my Advanced Placement class.  Tomorrow is my formal observation by the administration.  Tuesday is Open House at school in the evening.  Every day this week has an after-school obligation.

I am afraid to ask for grace.  I need to speak up about finding my peaceful balance.  I need to focus on what I can take action steps to remedy.


Me, Myself, and I said...

Sending you white light and grace my dear friend. Sounds like you have a weight on your shoulders. You are an amazing teacher and a kind human. Never forget that.

Twindaddy said...

Regarding political candidates, I suspect the best people for those positions want nothing to do with those positions because of the way things are. That, and the people in those positions are mainly in it for the money. I think there are some that are genuinely trying to make a difference, but it's all just a game to most, I think.

The Gal Herself said...

I know, Ms. Kwiz, I know. I feel like I should be doing something to help/stop/repair what's going on but I can't figure out what! You're not comfortable in your skin while I don't feel mine is thick enough to protect me.

With your schedule this week, I hope you're getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. I know that sounds like pretty mild advice, but I think you have to be rested and hydrated to get done what needs to be done.

Good luck and know that the blogosphere believes in you.

PS One of the first news stories I ever saw about AI was regarding teachers and how it complicated essay writing and essay evaluation. I hope you get some kind of template for navigating this brave new world.

PPS I'm still Ridin' with Biden and believe history will judge him very kindly. If anyone can figure out how to work with a Speaker of the House like Jim Jordan, who denied Biden's election, it's Joe Biden.