friday 5

  1. How easily are you startled? I am very, very jumpy and startle easily
  2. What music do you find scary? the theme from Jaws, the Exorcist theme (1973), and the theme of Law & Order
  3. When did you last attend a performance you didn’t think highly of? about six months ago, a local theater production was quite amature-ish 
  4. What caused your most recent small cut or scrape? nervous scratching of an imaginary itch
  5. When was your ego most recently bruised, and what did you do to recover? I do not remember because it happens so frequently--and I don't do anything particular to recover

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Kimberly @ kimberussell.com said...

I'm 100% with you on the scary songs - I didn't even consider soundtracks! Have a great weekend!