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This classic Victorian story is considered the first detective novel.  Interestingly, I didn't think it read like a Victorian-era story.  It's a complex suspenseful story that revolves around identity, madness, and legal procedures.  

Walter Hartright, a young art teacher is hired as a drawing teacher at Limmeridge House where he meets and falls in love with Laura Fairlie, the niece of the estate's owner.  Laura is already engaged to marry Sir Percival Glyde.  After Laura and Percival are married, it becomes clear that he is controlling and not the nicest husband.  One day, Laura disappears.  Hartright and Laura's cousin, Marian Halcombe set out to find her.  They discover that Percival and his mysterious friend Count Fosco are plotting to have Laura declared insane and committed to an asylum so they can claim her fortune.  

My only complaint is that because it was published as a series of installments it is particularly long.  However, the Audible exclusive recording by Billy Howle was exceptional.

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