ten things tuesday

Ten wild animals that fascinate me:

1)  Giraffes.  Their quietness and humming fascinate me.  I would love to stay at the Giraffe Hotel.

2)  Hippos.  My love of hippos stems from being mercilessly teased during adolescence for being overweight--you know, being called a hippo.  So I learned about hippos and that they are graceful when underwater.  But can be vicious.

3)  Sloths.  Their little faces look so happy.

4)  Penguins.  I started loving them when I saw Mary Poppins' penguin dance sequence.  Finding out they don't fly made me sad.  But knowing they're feathered made me happy.

5)  Puffins.  They're so cute!  And Maine's the only place in the US that has the Atlantic Puffin.

6)  Quokkas.  Are also cute--and happy!

7)  Otters.  They fascinate me to no end--from playing with rocks to holding hands when they sleep, they have such personalities.

8)  Honey bears.  I don't remember what they're actually called (and I'm too lazy to Google it).  I remember reading about them and thinking about Winnie the Pooh.

9)  Dragonflies.  They're the only insects I'm not squeamish about.

10)  Moose.  Would I lose my Mainer status if I didn't claim the moose??

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