friday 5


  1. What is your system or routine for paying bills? I like the routine I have set up to pay my bills manually online
  2. Forced to choose from a lion, bear, and panther, which would you keep as a pet, which would you put on your family crest, and which would you be reincarnated as? I would want a lion on my family crest, the bear as a pet, and a panther as my reincarnated self
  3. Who in your life is (metaphorically!) a saint? my bestie
  4. Assuming no negative impact on the environment and all expenses covered by someone else, where would you go (and what would you do) right now if someone offered you use of a private jet? I would to to Europe--probably start with Ireland and then work my way around the continent
  5. Brown gets a lot of hate, but what are some lovely brown things? I know brown gets hate but it is my favorite color!  Brown is the color of the earth, tree trunks, chocolate(!!!!!), eyes, teddy bears, and so much more!

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