ten things tuesday

Ten websites that have changed my life:

1)  Amazon.  The ability to get anything while living at the far reaches of our country is a game-changer.  I do miss the 2-day delivery.

2)  Google.  This is my go-to browser.  Having all that information at my fingertips is stunning.

3)  AOL.  Back in the late 90s to early 2000s, everyone who was anyone was on AOL.  The message boards and communities were great ways to grow and learn and share and explore.

4)  Twitter.  I joined Twitter--I guess I should call it X--as an early adopter.  I've had an account since it started.  It was fun, creative, and catchy.  I even connected with Kenneth C. Davis to Skype with my class.  Now it's mean.

5)  Pinterest.  I spend a lot of time perusing ideas for classroom quotes, manicure ideas, recipes, crafts, playlists, and journal ideas.

6)  Blogger.  My current online journal.  I like having regular memes and challenging myself to blog every day.  And I've "met" some great people.

7)  TEDtalks.  I love that they are short enough to hold my attention.  And the variety of topics is endless.  I use them in the classroom, too.

8)  Yahoo.  I used to love Yahoo.  I especially liked Yahoo Finance and taught my students about the stock market using it.  But then it got annoying. 

9)  WebMD.  My go-to website for medical questions and symptom checking.

10)  Canva.  Learning how to create great infographics and other visual aids has been a fun challenge.  I love having a platform that I can demonstrate to my students so they can let their imaginations go wild when designing projects.


CountryDew said...

Great list. Lots of "better things" no longer exist, or changed so dramatically they're no longer relevant to me. I still have an AOL account but there's not much on AOL I use anymore. And yes, X (Twitter) has turned mean. I block a lot of people so I don't see so much mean, and only visit it about once a week.

The Gal Herself said...

My TV boyfriend, Eddie Mueller, liked the photo of us together on Twitter. It's stupid how happy this made me.

I wish I knew how to use Canva