happy day 3

August 3: My bestie and I went to Central Maine school shopping--and along the way, there was a tremendous CLUNK sound as something went wrong with my car.  At 80 mph, I was sort of freaking out but could see no engine lights or tire lights were on.  We pulled over and looked under the car and as I suspected there was a flap kind of wobbling/hanging and dragging.  But along the highway in Northern Maine there is nothing but trees for miles and miles.  So, I pulled onto the shoulder, clicked on my hazards, and drove 15 mph to the next exit which was 14 miles away.  That took about an hour.  Thankfully, Google pointed us in the direction of Stanley's Auto and they reattached the flap with zip ties, charging a whopping $14.

The trip continued.  

But the shopping gods were not in our favor as we found no back-to-school clothes.  We had a delicious lunch and great conversations but no shopping luck.

I am happy that Stanley's Auto was able to fix me up for $14!  And you better believe I left a Google review!

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The Gal Herself said...

Sounds like the team at Stanley's really saved the day. You may not have found any back-to-school clothes, but you made a really great memory.