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Andy's snark is on point!  He and his team defend Jenny Nichols, Andy's high school sweetheart.  There wasn't the body count that typical books in this series have, which I really liked--because come on, how many deaths can one small city have?  It kept me guessing until the end.

From the publisher:
Dog rescue organization the Tara Foundation’s phones are ringing off the hook, and retired lawyer Andy Carpenter is irritated at his newfound popularity. He should be thrilled to find forever homes for so many dogs in need. But these calls are from fans wanting to adopt from the same place famous actress Jenny Nichols—and Andy’s high school girlfriend—got her dog, Mamie. The Miniature French Poodle is now an LA starlight in her own right.

Andy doesn’t hold it against his friend. In fact, he and Laurie have dinner with Jenny while she's in New York filming her next big hit. But after their goodbyes there's a plot twist none of them see coming in the form of Jenny's one phone call. Her co-star is dead, she’s been arrested for the murder, and Mamie's on her own. First, Jenny needs Andy to collect Mamie. Second, she needs him to prove her innocence.

While Mamie becomes reacquainted with Tara, Andy’s golden retriever, Andy digs into the lives of the rich and famous.

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