saturday 9

You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Dinah Shore goes on about listening to the breeze. Is it windy, breezy, or still where you are today? it is rainy--not too windy
2) The August moon is bright in Dinah's musical fantasy. Let's look at your calendar. Is anything special coming up in August (birthdays, anniversaries, vacation getaways ...)?  back to school!
3) Dinah was one of TV's pioneers. Her first show was a 15-minute variety show that ran two nights/week in 1951. What's the most recent show you watched? something on HGTV, I wasn't paying attention

4) She followed that in 1956 with the Dinah Shore Chevy Show. It was an hour long and sponsored by the car company. At the end of every show Dinah encouraged her viewers to "see the USA in your Chevrolet ..." Today Chevrolets are still the most popular cars manufactured by General Motors. Tell us about your car. I just so happened to use the online registration portal yesterday!  It's a 2014 but is in great condition.

5) From 1970 to 1991, Dinah hosted daytime TV talk shows and found tremendous success, winning 6 Emmy Awards and repeatedly appearing in the Gallup Poll of America's most admired women. Do you remember her? vaguely
6) Dinah was such an avid golfer that, in 1972, she founded one of the LPGA's major tournaments. Though now officially titled The Chevron Championship, it's still often referred to as "The Dinah Shore" in her memory. Do you golf? If not, would you like to learn? no and no

7) In 1943, when "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" was popular, so were tablecloths. It was common to have cotton tablecloths for everyday use, fun and festive ones for 4th of July and Christmas, and linen for formal occasions. Do you use tablecloths in your home? I do not
8) Beatle George Harrison was born in 1943. Which of the Fab Four is your favorite? I rotate through them all--lately it's been John

9) Random question: Would you rather live on a houseboat or in a trailer? trailer


The Gal Herself said...

You must take very good care of your car. I'm not surprised. You love your road trips and couldn't confidently take off on them if you didn't trust your car.

CountryDew said...

My car is a 2014 also.

Bev Sykes said...

I don't remember how old our Hundai is, but 2014 sounds about right. Since the pandemic and my being told I'm not a safe driver now (and giving up my driver's license) the car rarely gets driven. Our last car had >300,000 miles on it!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Our Jeep is a Liberty from 04. I love that little rock hopper. We have been on the backcountry roads and trails of five or six states with it.

Dinah Shore is a very old actress singer. I was actually surprised that anyone knew anything about her. lol I mean outside of Bev and I.

Stacy said...

Back to school?! How can that be? This has been such and odd summer, cool and rainy for most of June and part of July, that it feels as if it's only just getting started. Having to work full-time after all those years of having summers off doesn't help either.

**Syl said...

Back to school!

I think the schools start in this area in August too.
The country is divided into 3 regions with different dates.

Enjoy your week!

Diana_CT said...

#2 It must be had every year to get back in the grove again after a couple of months off.
#4 Ditto, my car registration was due this month along with the emission test.