ten things tuesday

Ten things about my trip:

1)  I consulted a travel agent but discovered cheaper flights on my own.

2)  I have a layover in Charlotte, NC, that lasts as long as the trip my sister and brother-in-law would have to take to pick me up in Charlotte.

3)  I have overpacked.  I can do laundry at my sister's.

4)  I am going to unpack and repack.  I know I do not need two navy blue or two white t-shirts.  

5)  Parking is expensive.

6)  I have taken care of the small details.  

7)  I have also taken care of the Library Board business that I volunteered to work on.

8)  I will be missing the library and my school book group meetings.  

9)  I also had to reschedule some lymphatic massage appointments.  However, I have an appointment with my sister's massage therapist for lymphatic treatment.

10) This is going to be epic!

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The Gal Herself said...

Charlotte is a very nice airport. Before direct flights from Chicago to Key West were plentiful, I always tried to get a flight through Charlotte for that reason. Security is smart and efficient and the restaurants are pleasant but not over crowded.

I'm a massive overpacker, too. It's what I do.