saturday 9

It Aint Over 'Til It's Over

1) In this song, Lenny Kravitz sings about all the tears he's cried over this relationship. Scientists theorize that human tears fall into two categories: emotional and irritant. "Emotional tears" are most often shed over physical pain, empathy, compassion, depression, and anger/frustration. Think about the last time you cried. What triggered your tears? nothing particular, I was driving--otherwise known as a regular cry for me

2) We also cry "irritant tears," which means we well up when a foreign particle gets in our eye. Over-the-counter drops can help. What's the last thing you bought at the drugstore? Was it a medication (OTC or prescription) or something else entirely?
coincidentally--it was eye drops

3) TV actresses have played a big part in Lenny Kravitz' life. His mother was Roxie Roker, who played the neighbor Helen on The Jeffersons. His wife (and the inspiration for this song) was Lisa Bonet, who played one of the daughters on The Cosby Show. Their daughter, Zoe Kravitz, appeared in the HBO series Big Little Lies. What TV series do you never tire of, and could watch again and again? MASH, Schitt's Creek, or Parks & Recreation

4) Thinking of Big Little Lies ... Zoe Kravitz co-starred with Nicole Kidman. Shortly after Kidman divorced Tom Cruise, she dated Lenny Kravitz. Have you ever been curious about a partner's past love? no

5) Lenny Kravitz and Today Show weatherman Al Roker are second cousins (their grandfathers were brothers). Do you turn to a TV weatherman for the forecast? Or do you check a website or app? I use the weather app on my phone or the NOAA app

6) Also a talented photographer, Lenny's work has been displayed at the Leica Gallery in Wetzlar, Germany. What's the most recent photo you took?
my fortune cookie fortune

7) In 1991, when this song was popular, Murray Bicycles were the top seller among younger set. Popularity is fleeting, though. By 2004, the company filed for bankruptcy and no longer produces bicycles. Was your bike a big part of your summer when you were a kid? yes--we would ride for miles without knowing it

8) Also in 1991, Gene Roddenberry died. Mr. Roddenberry is best known as the creator of Star Trek. Who's your favorite Star Trek character? Captain Kirk

9) Random Question: How do you think your high school classmates remember you? I cannot even imagine


Bev Sykes said...

I've never watched 'Parks and Recreation," but I love M*A*S*H and Schitt's Creek

songbird's crazy world said...

Your fortune cookie fortune must have been interesting

The Gal Herself said...

I love that it was eye drops! Makes me feel especially prescient.

Have you ever seen Broadcast News? Your behind-the-wheel tears remind me of Jane unplugging the phone to cry every morning.

Stacy said...

Schitt's Creek! I can't believe I didn't think of it. I absolutely loved that show. Comic genius!

CountryDew said...

I haven't watched Schitt's Creek but heard good things about it. I need to see if it's available on some channel I get on DirecTV.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Schitt's Creek is insane! We laughed ourselves sick when we watched it in rerun on Netflix.

NOAA used to have a weather station on a little thing called "The Cube". A weather only radio. I miss that little thing. Now I check on all the world weather on NOAA on line, and get their reports.