saturday 9

Beautiful Boy

This song was chosen in honor of Father's Day. Hear it here.

1) Paul McCartney has said that "Beautiful Boy" is one of his favorite John Lennon solo songs. What's yours? (This link will take you to his greatest hits.) "Imagine"

2) Lennon wrote this for his son, Sean. Father and son share an October 9 birthday. Does anyone in your life share your birthday? I actually share my birthday with many people I know (there were about ten of us in high school together) 

3) John asks Sean to take his hand before they cross the street. Name another song that references holding hands. Hootie & the Blowfish "Hold My Hand"

4) Today Sean Lennon is in his late 40s. He lives in Greenwich Village, creating art and music from his elaborate home-based music and film studio. Are you into the latest in electronics? not especially although I have been tinkering with AI to learn how to use it so I can teach my students how to use it responsibly 

5) In Thailand, Father's Day is observed on the birthday of the current King. Are you celebrating any birthdays this month? my eldest sister's birthday is June 4

6) Crazy Sam vividly remembers her long-ago high school days when her father gave her driving lessons. Do you consider yourself a good driver? yes

7) Sam's dad is a stickler about car maintenance and reminds Sam to change her air filter regularly so her a/c and heater can run efficiently. Share a car maintenance tip. I usually remind my students to turn the engine off when filling the gas tank and to turn the windshield wipers off before turning off the engine

8) When he fills up the car, Sam's father also stocks up on his favorite candy: Life Savers. He always has a bag in the glove compartment. What's something you don't leave home without? keys

9) Random Question: How long can you go without checking your phone?
hmmm... hours


The Gal Herself said...

I admit it: AI scares me. One of my assignments when I worked for a haircare company was to come up with names for hair dyes. I asked ChatGPT to give me pretty names for auburn hair color and I got 15 in a matter of seconds. Some of them were pretty awful, but there were about 7 that were really good. So it came up with valid options in less than a minute when it would have taken me more than an hour. AI means jobs for writers will disappear. I'm glad I got out when I did!

Lori said...

I should look into AI more. When I was teaching that 4th grade computer class, all of the kids would tell me about their AI games. My pre-K kids do not use it that I am aware of, but probably just a matter of time. They watch inappropriate things on YouTube though.
I just saw you have Happy Place on your currently reading list. I have it on hold. It may be Christmas before I get to read it...LOL!! I am in some reading groups on facebook and it is a really popular favorite right now. I hope you enjoy it. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend. ♥


Bev Sykes said...

I agree with Gal that AI can be very scary...especially when you consider that it's in its infancy right now. AI can change politics, since you can make videos of someone that look right, but are completely made up. It scares me what AI can do to this country.

CountryDew said...

I have been playing with AI myself. It's fascinating and scary at the same time. Just an FYI, I recently read an article on how to appropriately cite AI use in a paper - might be something to check out. Basically, one would have a methodology section and note the use of the AI in it, and then cite something like (Open - AI, ChatGPT Ver. 3) or whatever. I didn't keep the article, but I think it was using AP style. Other style guides may be different.

Stacy said...

I'm with everyone else in being a bit spooked by AI. The recent story of the girl who created an AI her that took on a life of its own just reinforced my feelings about it. It could be a cool thing if we used it responsibly, but as I look at all the other things out there....we've pretty much proved we can't be trusted to act responsibly with technology. I read Happy Place a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely loved it!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I love that Blowfish song! A lot of his songs, actually.

And AI is great but it's also scary. We aren't smart enough to control it's use, or even be ahead of the game with it's use. Bev is right, they are already making video's could be used to swing elections. Too few people just gobble up stuff on the Internet without thinking what might be behind them.

Susan said...

Not ready for AI, but it will probably take over. There is good and bad in all things.