ten things tuesday

Ten random things rattling around in my brain:

1)  I am finished with my 6-week stint of jury duty.  Amen, alleluia!  Today was the day I was on a jury panel and we didn't even get to deliberate on the case because the judge deemed insufficient evidence to continue.  

2)  Somewhere along the line, I heard about replacing cross-body purse straps with guitar straps.  What a game-changer!!!!!  Wow!  The one I got works perfectly with the bag, is super comfortable across my shoulder, and has the perfect drop.

3)  My massage therapist is having a Mother's Day special--I think I might have to buy myself a couple of massages at this great price.

4)  I need to make decisions about what to wear to the Boston Pops on Saturday.  Since it's a matinee I think I will be on the casual side of business casual.

5)  I bought myself some hyacinths and they smell fabulous.  So springy!

6)  Perhaps I have had too much caffeine today.

7)  I need to get planning for my Tampa trip.  Lots of arrangements to make--substitutes, lesson plans, and rides to the airport.

8)  I take for granted the relationship I have with my primary care doctor and nurse.  Even though they have lots of patients, they both respond quickly to me and they know just what's going on, I don't have to fill them in.

9)  I have been irregular in my eating habits lately.  That's got to stop.  Regular meals at regular intervals with all food groups.

10) I get to pick new books to read--and audio and an ebook!

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The Gal Herself said...

Six weeks of jury duty? How does that work? Here we go for one day and if we aren't chosen for a jury, we can't be called for another year.

If you have a chance ... there's a touristy boardwalk about 45 mins. from Tampa called John's Pass. Lots of kitschy shopping and boat rides and food.