ten things tuesday

 Ten rock bands:

1.  The Beatles.  They were the first rock band I remember hearing.  I don't think a day goes by when one of their songs doesn't float through my head.

2.  U2.  My favorite band since I heard the WAR album in 1983.  There was no turning back.

3.  The Police.  U2 knocked The Police out of my favorite status.  I was obsessed with "Reggatta de Blanc."  Obsessed the way a tween girl becomes obsessed.

4.  INXS.  Oh, how I loved the innuendos, the metaphors, the similies.  Michael Hutchence was quite a performer.  I always thought he was reminiscent of Jim Morrison.

5.  The Rolling Stones.  I didn't get into them until my college radio days.  But there's something about their sound that makes me groove.

6.  Queen.  They did, indeed, rock me.

7.  Fleetwood Mac.  The stories and incidents that influence the songs are amazing. It's a wonder they could make such influential music with all the drama.

8.  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.  I miss Tom Petty.  His music means a lot to me.  His sound is what I think of when I have to describe America.

9.  Maroon 5.  It's my list so I can add them even though they're quite poppy.

10.  I've recently rediscovered Journey.  I didn't appreciate them in their heyday, I have tremendous respect for Steve Perry's vocals.

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The Gal Herself said...

#8 -- I have such memories attached to Tom Petty songs. For some reason, we used to hit the table or bar with our flat hands and sing along with the "Don't don't don't" on "Don't Do Me Like That." And my dear friend Henry used to insist I inspired "Free Fallin'." He'd say, "You are a good girl. You love your mother and Jesus and America and Elvis and horses. It is you, Honey!"