sunday stealing

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1. a song with a food name.   "Lollipop"

2  a song with an animal in it.  "Hungry Like The Wolf"

3  a song about a bird.  "Yellow Bird"

4  a song about a dog. "Bingo" 

5  a song mentioning a cat. "Cat People"

6  a song listing a character from wizard of oz. "Tin Man"

7  a late night driving song. Pretty much anything from The Stranger by Billy Joel

8  a song from a movie. "You Should Be Dancing"

9  a guilty pleasure song.  Celine Dion, but "It's All Coming Back"

10 a song about friends. "Thank You For Being A Friend"

11 a song that is about summertime. "Saturday In The Park"

12 a song that needs to be played more on the radio.  "What The World Needs Now" by Luther Vandross

13 a song about drugs or alcohol. "Puff The Magic Dragon"

14 a song you would sing at karaoke. "Mama Mia" or another ABBA song

15 a song from year you were born in. "Yesterday"


Lori said...

Great choices for your songs! I was going to use Hungry Like the Wolf (wolf is our school mascot and that song gets played at football games). Then I thought about Horse with no name as I was filling the question out and for got about it. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend. ♥


Bev Sykes said...

I LOVED "Lollipop" when I was a kid. My father said it was a terrible song, so I never bought it. :(

I also love anything ABBA

CountryDew said...

Saturday in the Park is a great song. I forgot about that one.

Stacy said...

My local oldies station plays a lot of Billy Joel in the mornings so I'm often singing along on my drive to work. They make me happy with how often they play Piano Man.

Annie said...

Very good list. I really enjoyed this one as it brought back to my memory so many great songs!

Roger Owen Green said...

I saw Billy Joel in 1974. He was not very animated like he is now!

Plastic Mancunian said...

I almost went for Hungry like the Wolf. Good choice for number 5 (same as me).




The Gal Herself said...

Billy Joel turned 70-something this week, and The Stranger was how I first "met" him, so I've been thinking about it