sunday stealing

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1. My favorite sources for delicious recipes  my sisters, TikTok, Facebook

2. If I had to repeat a day over & over, how I’d want it to go waking up without an alarm, on my own time, and rested

3. Who or what has saved my life I made an offhand remark to my doctor about being more tired than usual and she sent me for a CT scan discovering pulmonary emboli--she saved my life

4. Something I can never seem to start or finish decluttering

5. How my taste in food has changed over the years I no longer like fruity candy

6. The last time I cried was driving, the day before yesterday

7. The best parts of human nature = when wonder awakens in my students

8. Concepts and ideas that bend my mind involve math and science

9. What I’m most likely to ask for help with is related to school

10. The story behind one of my scars was when I fell on my face on a gravel driveway

11. I’ve never said this out loud... I am popular

12. Times I’ve been the leader/the one people count on as a veteran teacher, this happens frequently

13. Whenever I see these people, my heart lights up my sisters, their families, and my parents

14. With my financial needs met, here’s how I’d spend my time would be volunteering

15. The people I talk to when I want the truth  my bestie


Lisa said...

I love that answer to question about human nature -- when wonder awakens in my students. When I read your words, I shook my head "yes" -- that is awesome!

Roger Owen Green said...

I spent the better part of the last two years trying to declutter. It'll happen when I have to move.