ten things tuesday

Ten road trip essentials:

1)  Classic, good music.

2)  A Dunkin' iced coffee.

3)  Water.

4)  Charging cable for the phone.

5)  A full tank of gas.

6)  A blanket, just in case.

7)  A trash bag.

8)  Some kind of cleansing or baby wipes.

9)  Comfortable shoes.

10)  Good company.

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The Gal Herself said...

I smiled when I saw baby wipes. I always buy those when I go to Walgreens or Target. Also Gerber meats baby food, because my Connie Cat's powdered morning meds dissolve so completely in the watery mix. Anyway, Target and Walgreens now always include baby/childcare in my coupons and sales notifications.