ten things tuesday

Ten things about today:

Two things that I am grateful for today:
1.  The traffic on the way to school went cautiously on the slippy roads
2.  The coffee line wasn't terribly long

Two things that made today great:
3. Even though I was running late this morning, I was totally organized 
I loved my outfit today

Two things I did well today:
5. I listened--and genuinely was ready to support someone that needed support
6. Organized the rest of the trimester for my Sociology class

Two things that I could have done better today:
7.  I could have used my planning period more effectively
8.  I was a bit snarky

Two things I will do to make the rest of the day great:
9. I'll watch The Traitors on Peacock
10.  I'll practice a new meditation at bedtime

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