ten things tuesday

Ten things about this week:

1)  Today was my annual physical.  All systems are GO!  No significant changes from previous years and my doctor is satisfied with my overall good health.

2)  I do have initial signs of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and will have an ultrasound to check out the liver.  

3)  Also, at the appointment, I got my pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine.

4)  My follow-up appointment with the dentist is Friday.  The sutures will come out and hopefully, I will be able to resume regular eating and drinking.  I have been diligently following the dentist's orders.

5)  Thursday is my dermatology appointment.  I've got an itchy spot that I'm sure is nothing.  Probably a spot of eczema.  

6)  I am in love with my manicure.

7)  I can tell I'm battling seasonal, annual depression.  Today I took out two bags of trash that have been waiting to go to the dumpster for over a week.  At least I'm keeping up with the kitchen garbage, but the paper trash has been lax.

8)  Today has been a relaxing day.

9)  I have a turkey pot pie to bake.  It will take the rest of the week for me to finish, but that's okay!

10)  Several years ago I knit hats for all the players on the boy's basketball team (I had most of them as students).  Yesterday one of their sisters mentioned how much she loved her brothers' hats.  I am now going to knit one for her.  Her request was a big pom pom.  Can do!

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