ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1)  I have started playing Suduko.

2)  I am nervous about Thursday's dental procedure.  I just don't want to have it done more than I'm nervous.  But a broken tooth for three years is a bit much.

3)  Catching up at school from being out for three days is like a part-time job.  On top of my regular job.  It's no wonder teachers don't want to be out.

4)  There are only three Ghiradelli chocolate caramel snowmen left in my Christmas gift.

5)  I want to be a fan of puzzles--like physical puzzles--but I am not.

6)  There were 2 books that I abandoned.  Wrong book, wrong time.

7)  Plus all of my library books seem to be available at the same time!  Why struggle reading a book I'm not enjoying when there are so many others to take its place?

8)  I might just go to bed a little early tonight.

9)  There are only two Ghiradelli chocolate caramel snowmen left...

10) I want to see A Man Called Otto.

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

I loved A Man Called Otto. Wonderful performances.

I'll be thinking of you at the dentist.