ten things tuesday

Ten things going on in no particular order:

1)  I've been sick.  Again.  Since Saturday.  As in, unable to stay awake.  Three tests are negative for Covid--I even tried different brands of tests to make sure.  Today I feel "better."

2)  Making lesson plans for substitutes on my personal computer is very, very different than working on my work computer.  

3)  Tomorrow is a scheduled absence:  a dental consultation.  I hope that goes smoothly.  I'm terrified already about the procedure and tomorrow is the consultation.  I will be trying out my brand-spankin' new dental insurance.  Fingers crossed!

4)  Tomorrow is also a lymphatic massage.

5)  And a virtual meeting for the certification committee.

6)  And a manicure that I've had to reschedule twice because of being sick.

7)  I'm waiting for a text from my local grocery store alerting me that my order is ready to pick up.  I am not waiting patiently. 

8)  I think I might get a coffee.

9)  I need to brush the snow off my car.

10) I need a nap.


Susan said...

Sorry you were sick. There are so many viruses out there. I read that you can get the flu and Covid at the same time. Take care of yourself.

The Gal Herself said...

Remember "better" and "well" aren't the same thing. Better is just a stop on the way to well. Hang in there.

And isn't insurance just the best? For all I've been complaining lately about the paperwork required, it's still so awesome when it comes to peace of mind.