saturday 9


Hurting Each Other

1) This week's song was written by Gary Geld and Peter Udell, who also wrote 1962's "Sealed with a Kiss." What was in the last envelope you sealed? I sent money to the lunch lady to reload my account

2) In "Hurting Each Other," Karen Carpenter sings she wishes she and her lover could stop making each other cry. Have you most recently shed a tear in the last week, the last month, or longer ago than that? last week

3) One of the Carpenters' first records was a cover of the Beatles' "Ticket to Ride." Both Karen and Richard were huge fans and nervous about how the Beatles would react to their version. They were thrilled to learn that Paul McCartney responded by saying Karen had "one of the best female voices in the world." Tell us some news you received recently that brightened your day. I was able to schedule the first step of my dental procedure for next Thursday--let's get this ball rolling!

4) Karen died in 1983, but her musical partner and big brother Richard is still with us. He has said he grew up a big fan Top 40 radio, listening every morning as he got ready for school and every afternoon while doing homework. When you were a kid, did you like to study with music or the TV on? Or would you prefer quiet? I didn't really have a choice--when I was growing up there was always background noise.  It might be why I prefer silence now.

5) Karen and Richard spent their teen years in Downey, California. It has the distinction of being home to the nation's oldest, still-operating McDonald's. It's been on the same site on Lakewood Blvd. since 1953. Tell us about a business in your neighborhood that seems to have always been right there, in that spot. There is a neighborhood corner store (literally on the corner of Dudley and Academy Streets) that has been there my whole life.  I even worked there for a while during college!

6) The siblings may have had a squeaky clean public image, but Richard did have a brush with the law while in Downey. The Carpenter family lived for a time in an apartment complex, and one of their neighbors -- a policeman -- objected to Richard "banging on the piano" at all hours. When did you most recently interact with an officer of the law? I think it was about a year ago when I sought legal advice about a harassment issue--I did not want to take legal action but I wanted to make sure I registered a complaint in case it continued (which thankfully, it has not)

7) In 1972, when this song was popularMark Spitz was America's premier Olympian, winning seven Gold Medals. A poster of Spitz wearing his red, white and blue swim trunks and all seven medals was a top seller. Can you recall a poster that decorated your bedroom wall when you were a kid? I used to have a lot of Garfield posters and I had a Fonz poster

8) Also in 1972, Liza Minnelli was encouraging us to "come to the cabaret." Without looking it up, do you know who Liza's famous parents were? her mother was Judy Garland and her father was a theater director but I forgot his first name

9) Random question: Are you a better student or teacher? that is a complex question for me to answer--I love being both!  When I'm interested in the topic I am a very active student.  And I have a reputation for being one of the better teachers in my department. 😁


**Syl said...

I am glad the harassment stopped.

Enjoy your weekend!

Bev Sykes said...

Liza Minnelli's father's name is easy to remember -- Minnelli!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I like it quiet too, when I'm studying. And I also didn't know who Liza Minnelli's dad was; I just thought it was her stage name. So you knew more than I did. lol

Susan said...

I am sure you are a great teacher! Glad you did not have to act on that person harassing you,

The Gal Herself said...

Where did you get that Sat. 9 graphic? I've never seen it before. Love it because it's so light and open.

I hope my dental travails of the last week didn't scare you. I was never in any pain and the surgeon did a good job in a difficult situation! I'm sure you'll be fine. You're going to be a smart patient and you'll follow any aftercare instructions so there won't be any complications. Keep us posted.

Diana_CT said...

#1 I never thought of that, you have a built-in cafeteria no sneaking to go to a fast food place before the luncheon mob descended upon the restaurant.
#7 "Aaay"….
#9 I did a lot better in grad school than undergrad.