ten things tuesday

I'm at school and procrastinating (there were 41 assignments and 53 emails waiting for me as I returned from my day away) so I thought I would write about 10 things on my desk, in no particular order:

1)  Hall passes: yes, we've reverted to hall passes.  Instead of interrupting my class to write out individual hall passes, I have permanent passes in plastic cases on lanyards.  Every few days I lay them across a desk and sanitize them.  They're color-coded and eye-catching.

2)  Big blotter calendar.  Filled in with student birthdays, paydays, meetings, and incidental happenings.  Oh!  And holidays or days off!

3)  Basket of mints.

4)  Tin of binder clips.  All sizes, all shapes, all colors.

5)  Pure Citrus room spray.  It was recommended by the school nurses since it doesn't have artificial fragrances that might trigger asthma.  Quite effective against funky teen scents.

6)  Hand sanitizer.

7)  Various pens.  Currently, my favorites are sharpie felt tip pens because they don't smear, blot, or run.  They don't have any scent (unlike their marker cousins) and they don't bleed through paper.

8)  File rack.  It's got my "Go Folder" of policies/procedures/rosters in case of emergency.  It's also home to my book sign-out sheets, locker sheets, photocopy folder, recommendations folder, and other incidental papers in folders.

9)  Tissues.

10) My pinecone jar.  It's shaped like a pinecone with a pinecone inside.  An inside joke about an analogy I make when I discuss the First Amendment.


The Gal Herself said...

Binder clips were always my favorite thing in the office supply closet. I don't know why. I'm also unaccountably fond of the oversized paper clips.

Me, Myself, and I said...

The sharpie ultra fine markers are my go to for postcarding...love all the colors!