ten things tuesday

1) How can you share your gratitude with others? I like talking about my November gratitude challenge, where every day I celebrate something/someone I'm grateful for.  I don't make a big deal of it but it makes me happy.

2)  A fear or worry you would like to let go of. I would like to let go of my irrational fear of budgeting.  Of taking full control of my finances and planning.

3) Three triumphs for today. 1) I solved a problem for a colleague, 2) I set some students straight about doodling symbols of hate, and 3) the "How to Train Your Dragon" lessons are a huge success--we're analyzing the movie for instances of Classical, Operant, and Observational learning, and then the students have to create and train their own dragon.

4) How do you remember Thanksgiving as a kid? I spent so many years at the kid's table.  That's what I remember.  Feasting with my sisters and cousins at the folding table that was set up in the living room at my Grandparents' house.

5) Describe your current emotional state. I'm chill but hungry leaning toward hangry.

6) The last thing that made you laugh out loud. AP Psychology class

7) Something you are looking forward to this month. Finishing a baby blanket for a friend's daughter (who happens to also be a former student)

8) Something that you miss. My sisters

9) Goals you would like to accomplish before the end of the year. I want to dive back into my knitting and finish my WIPs (work in progress)

10) What has brought you and your family closer? my sisters and I had a very vulnerable conversation when we were all together.  

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