sunday stealing

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I'm back!

1. What did you do today? nothing much yet--I am heading out soon for lunch with my bestie and we'll see where that takes us

2. 5 things about where you live.   1) my current location is within 1 mile of my birthplace, 2) I have essentially lived within a 5-mile radius of my birthplace for my whole life, 3) the population of my hometown is roughly 8,777, 4) there are six apartments in my apartment house but two are in the servants' wing which is off the back of the main house where I live and is where my sister lives, 5) because my hometown is a French phrase it is commonly mispronounced 

3. What are the must-sees sights around you? especially in the fall--the foliage

4. What’s your favorite restaurant meal? I enjoy breakfast

5. What was the last thing you cooked or ate? I ate a chocolate chip Larabar

6. What is something you learned from your grandparents. unconditional love--it was mutual

7. What’s the weather like as you are writing your postcard? it's a sunny day--mid-50s

8. Share an interesting fact that you’ve learned, and which most people are not aware of. Halloween is the second-largest commercial holiday in America

8. Are there any local events or festivals in your area? there is the Crown of Maine Balloon Festival mid-August but nothing going on this weekend

9. What was the last concert you attended? Choir of Man

10. What is your favorite charitable organization? there are some local organizations I like to support


CountryDew said...

I did not realize you lived so close to one of your sisters.

Lisa said...

How cool to live in such close proximity to your sister!

Roger Owen Green said...

Growing up, I was six blocks from one grandmother, and the other grandparents lived upstairs!

The Gal Herself said...

I didn't know you and your sister are neighbors!