ten things tuesday

Ten things I like to complain about in no particular order:

1)  Itchy ears and eyes--where my seasonal allergies manifest.

2)  Hot, humid weather.

3)  Sub-zero temperatures.

4)  Morning duty.  

5)  Parent-teacher conferences.

6)  Meetings that could have been emails.

7)  Slow drivers in the passing lane.

8)  Election advertisements--unsolicited texts and mailers.

9)  Consequences of my poor decisions.  Most recently was getting both my flu shot and my Covid booster at the same time.  I knew better,  yet I did it anyhow.  And I'm just starting to feel better.

10) Not being appropriately thanked for writing letters of recommendation.  I write so many that it is a part-time job.  So not being formally thanked makes me quite annoyed.

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