friday 5


  1. When did you most recently eat rice, and what did you have with it? I had cilantro lime rice with lemon pepper shrimp about two weeks ago
  2. How do you feel about mustard? it's wonderful!
  3. What’s your favorite way to eat corn? I don't really have a favorite way
  4. What’s the best oat-based breakfast cereal? oatmeal
  5. What are some great ways to consume sesame seeds? I'm a fan of tahini

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onebadscrivener said...

A coworker shared recently that she makes her own tahini, and I wondered why I never thought of that. I've made my own peanut butter in the food processor, and I suppose it's the same concept. And since homemade peanut butter is SO much better than store-bought, I imagine homemade tahini must be too. Really need to try it!