ten things tuesday

Ten things I can't have just one of:

1) Baby carrots.

2) Potato chips.  Can anyone?

3) Pens.  Especially when I find a pen that writes smoothly and doesn't blot.  I want one in my purse, my wallet, for school, in my school tote bag, basically everywhere. 

4)  Hershey Kisses.

5)  Comfortable shoes.  I tend to buy multiple colors.

6)  Skeins of yarn.  One is never enough.

7)  Books.  I usually have an audiobook and an e-book going at the same time.

8)   Eyeglasses.  I like having a backup pair.

9)  Reese's cups.  Fortunately, they come in a two-pack.

10) Class preps.  I teach three or four different subjects each trimester.  It would be a lot less work to teach just one.

1 comment:

CountryDew said...

I sure can't eat just one tater chip.