saturday 9


She's In Love With The Boy

1) This song tells the story of Katie and Tommy. She waited for him to pull up in his beat-up Chevy truck. Tell us about your wheels. It's considered a sports car--and I'm waiting for a bumper panel replacement since it was in a hit-and-run.
2) Katie and Tommy stay out until 12:30 AM. What time did you go to bed last night? I went to bed at 7:45 and slept all night--I needed that!

3) The lyrics tell us, "What's meant to be will always find a way." Do you agree? mostly

4) This was the first big hit for Trisha Yearwood. While she's found her greatest success in music, she's also written top-selling cookbooks. Are you a better singer or cook? hmm... I'm pretty ok at both, but don't do either too often

5) Trisha also appeared in six episodes of the TV drama, JAG. She played a medical examiner and forensic pathologist, which means her character had a medical degree and (at least) one year of additional training. That's (at least) five extra years of higher education. Do you enjoy taking classes?

6) In real life, Trisha earned a degree in Business Administration before going into music. She uses what she learned in school, keeping a close eye on her finances and those of her superstar husband, Garth Brooks. She says she likes and trusts the people hired to their money, "but I check on them." Do you keep a careful eye on where your money goes? not as well as I should
7) In 1991, when this song was popular, Dances with Wolves was a hit in the theaters. Have you seen it? not the whole thing

8) Also in 1991, Seinfeld was a big deal on the small screen. It's still popular in syndication on cable channels and on streaming services. Do you more often watch broadcast TV or streaming/on-demand channels? either on-demand or streaming

9) Random question: Have you ever gone a day without laughing? not willingly


The Gal Herself said...

#4 -- I know you took singing classes. What about cooking classes?

CountryDew said...

A hit and run! That's awful. I hope you weren't hurt.

Lori said...

I enjoy streaming shows also.
I am glad your class is going well also. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.
Have you read Every Summer After by Carley Fortune? I am reading it now and it is good...it is a romance. I think you would enjoy it.


Diana_CT said...

#2 I wish I could sleep the whole night through. :(

zippiknits...sometimes said...

You deserved that full night's sleep! School starting and all.. I bet you were tired!
Our truck has been a hit and run a couple of times but that's what happens when cars are parked in the street here. We have some crazies here who think this is a race track. lol