I am...

Reading: American Princess by Stephanie Marie Thornton

Listening to:  Dog Eat Dog (Andy Carpenter #23) by David Rosenfelt (set in coastal Maine)

Loving:  sleeping in an air-conditioned bedroom--it's cool enough that I can use a blanket!

Thinking:  my car was hit in a hit and run--I am dealing with my insurance company and working with a local body shop.  What a hassle.  I'm glad it's not too serious, mostly the rear passenger-side bumper.

Feeling:  annoyed

Celebrating:  I had a fresh tomato sandwich for dinner--on delicious bakery bread.  Oh, there's nothing more summery!

Grateful for:  14 more days of vacation

Weather:  it is 83° and mostly cloudy

Enjoying:  I've rediscovered my love of solitaire card games and have been on a major Free Cell binge

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The Gal Herself said...

I know nothing of cars and such, but is it possible that the person who hit you didn't know? Or do you think they just wanted to stick you with all the damages?