friday 5


  1. How do you cool down on warm summer evenings? sometimes a cool washcloth on my neck and bed with just a sheet (which is a challenge for me as I love the weight of a blanket)
  2. What are some good songs for keeping the summer vibe flowing? Uptown Funk, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, anything by the Monkees, Can't Stop The Feeling, Back In Love, I could go on and on
  3. What’s a good summer movie or a good summer book? I just finished a great summer book The Patron Saint of Second Chances by Christine Simon--it was so much breezy fun!
  4. How is this summer better than last summer? I'm enjoying it more, living in the moment more
  5. What special something are you doing this summer? I've made plans to go troll hunting at the Botanical Garden

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