I am...

Reading Much Ado About Dukes by Eva Devon

Listening to: Voyage by ABBA

Loving:  I love asking random questions to Google or Alexa (and even not-so-random-questions)

Thinking:  I'm going to make red beans & rice for dinner, I picked up some cajun sausage to go in it.  

Feeling:  lazy, in a good way--not lazy and beating myself up for not doing things.

Celebrating:  my mental health is wobbly right now--I'm turning the corner but do not want to socialize or do things outside my house.  I know I'm recovering from the stress of the hellacious school year that was.  There were so many changes (little changes and big changes) that affected morale.  Plus this is a Covid hotbed, so there's added anxiety about that.  I thought about going back to therapy, but I can't imagine what a therapist would have me do that I'm not already doing.

Grateful for:  time to rejuvenate this summer.

Weather:  it is 79° and partly cloudy

Enjoying:  I've read so many fun books this summer!

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