ten things tuesday

Because I can't believe it's almost July, here are ten things I plan or want to do in July:

1) Visit the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden.  This trip is coming together nicely for mid-July.  The AirBnB is booked and paid for!

2) Continue working on the major decluttering project.  Progress is made daily.  The anxiety related to my hoarding is rearing its ugly head but I'm cognizant of it, honoring it, yet not letting it rule me.

3) Check up with my primary care physician.  A wellness check.

4) Continue my book streak!  I'm crushing my yearly goal.

5) Renew my passport.  It expired in March.  And hooray--the Canadian border is open again!

6) A pedicure.  My toes are in need of polish.

7) Day trips.  Even with the price of gas as it is, I would love to take a couple of day trips to Central Maine to noodle around.

8) Go for one hike.  

9) Eat more salad.  Hit the fresh fruits and veggies at the Farmer's Market and take advantage of it.

10) Install my air conditioner!!!!  I've watched hours of installation videos and think I'm ready for it.

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