sunday salon

Joining in Sunday Salon.

Time: 4:06 pm

Scene: sitting in my comfy recliner in the living room

Today's plan: I visited with my dad for Father's Day

Listening to: nothing

Reading: (audio) Miracle and Wonder by Malcolm Gladwell and (ebook) Notes on your sudden disappearance by Alison Espach

Drinking: Sunrise Batch Iced Coffee from Dunkin'

Pondering: Father's Day--how my dad and I have what would typically be a mother-daughter relationship.  He's been the only consistent parental figure in my life and he did the best he could.  I'm so proud of our relationship.

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Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I'm glad that your dad has been there for you. It's a good feeling to know that he has done the best he could.

I'm interested in hearing more about both of the books you are currently reading/listening to. Miracle and Wonder by Malcolm Gladwell and Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance by Alison Espach both sound promising.