saturday 9

Let Me Love You Tonight

1) Pure Prairie League was a country rock band signed by Casablanca Records in 1980. The label, known for disco hits, wanted to expand their client roster in case disco died. (Which it did, and Casablanca ultimately went bankrupt.) Disco can be a polarizing topic among music fans. Do you love it or loathe it? I LOVE DISCO (I'm admitting it loud and proud)

2) In this song, lead singer Vince Gill encourages his girl to hold him tight. Who did you most recently hug? one of my new friends from the AP Reading
3) Vince Gill left The Pure Prairie League in 1982 and went on to be a solo success. Tell us about a job you were glad you left. I am glad I left my first teaching job in Western Maine.  I didn't have a mentor and I was too far from my support system.  I think I was too young.

4) He says his favorite song is the country classic, "He Stopped Loving Her Today." Do you often listen to country? not often, but I don't dislike it

5) Vince joined The Eagles on tour after the 2016 death of Glenn Frey, taking over Frey's guitar solos. Do you have a favorite Eagles song? oh--hmmm--I don't think I can pick just one.  Whenever they come on the 70s on 7 station on Sirius I say it's my favorite!
6) Vince met future wife, singer Amy Grant, when she performed on his Christmas TV special. Have you ever had a workplace romance? yes, in my retail life--more of a fling than anything
7) In 1980, when this song was popular, The Love Boat was a hit. Have you ever taken a cruise? If yes, where did you go? I went on the Scotia Princess which is a cruise from Portland, Maine to some place in Nova Scotia--just an overnight trip
8) 1980 also gave us the Post-It Note. What did you most recently write on a Post-It? I wrote a note to myself for the last half-day of school on Monday

9) Random question: You find yourself one of three strangers trapped in an elevator. Would you rather the other two people be a man and a woman, two men, or two women? I do not have a preference as I recently experienced each combination on my Tampa trip


The Gal Herself said...

#9 -- Tell us more!

Bev Sykes said...

I haven't heard of cruises that leave from Maine. We always went with Viking.

Stacy said...

Woohoo! Disco proud here, too!

Diana_CT said...

#3 When I was little we spent a week vacationing at a lake in western Maine the only thing that I remember was the water was awful cold.
#7 I went on the mail boat out of Portland to the islands in Casco Bay.
#9 Yes, tall us more!