saturday 9

Cinderella Rockefella

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This record and video were inspired by popular tunes of the 1920s. Looking over your lifetime, which decade produced more of your favorite songs? Either the 80s or 90s
2) "Cinderella Rockefella" topped the charts in England, yet barely broke into the Billboard Hot 100 here in the States. Still, the number was known to American audiences, performed as a duet on variety shows like The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (Tommy and Kate Smith), This Is Tom Jones (Cher and Tom) and The Dean Martin Show (Nancy Ames and Dean). Do you remember watching musical-comedy programs? Did you have a favorite? The Muppet Show, Sonny & Cher, Andy Williams, The Carol Burnett Show

3) It was written by Mason Williams, a prolific composer and comedy writer, as well as a talented guitarist. He is best known for "Classical Gas," his 1968 instrumental. Do you enjoy instrumentals? Or does a piece of music need lyrics to become one of your favorites? one of my favorite "concentration" albums is George Winston's December and I listen to it year-round
4) This week's featured artists, Esther & Abi Ofarim, were considered the Sonny & Cher of Europe. A married couple, they had hits in the 1960s in both the UK and Germany and were depicted in magazines as the perfect young husband and wife. Fans were disappointed when, in 1969, they quit performing together and divorced in 1970 after 12 years of marriage. Can you think of a couple you knew in real life whose split shocked you? Or can you usually see it coming? my college friends Tony & Lisa was a shocking split

5) Comparisons to Sonny & Cher are apt because, as with the Bonos, the wife's show business career fared better than the husband's, post-divorce. Esther's BBC specials were "appointment TV" in the UK during the 1970s. Today, with the advent of streaming and DVRs, viewers don't have to make sure they're in front of the screen when their favorite show airs. Tell us about the last show you watched. Was it live, streamed, on DVR or DVD/Blueray? I watched Married At First Sight Australia streamed On Demand

6) She had a solo hit with Esther in Kinderland, a collection of children's songs. Can you recall the lyrics of a favorite song from childhood?  Where did you learn it (home, church, Scouts ...)? I learned the theme from the show ZOOM by watching the show and I can still sing it!!!
7) Abi continued performing after the split, but more often worked behind the scenes as a record producer and music publisher. Would you say you have a good head for business? oh, hell no

8) After they finished school, both Abi and Esther served in the Israeli Army, and Abi saw combat. Have you served in our military? Did you ever consider enlisting? no and no

9) Random question: How many keys are on your key ring, and do you know what each one is for? I have different key rings for different sets of keys and I know what all the keys go to


Diana_CT said...

The Muppet Show was after my time, I was close to thirty when the show came out.

CountryDew said...

I never heard of Zoom. My popular culture is so bad.

Gentleman Jack is a series on HBO about Ann Lister, who lived in the 1800s England. She kept coded diaries that went unread for a century or so, and is now considered the first "married" lesbian in England. It's quite an interesting series.

Stacy said...

More great shows! I didn't think of The Muppets. I wish they'd do some shows like that again. I watched ZOOM, too. I can't sing the whole song these days but thanks to it I will always know Boston's zip code.

The Gal Herself said...

I heard someone say Beverly Hills has America's most famous zip code: 90210. I disagree. For a whole generation, it's Boston: 02134.