friday 5

Yes, we’ve done this theme before but there’s so much good material I knew we’d revisit it some day.

  1. Among stuff people have told you recently, what’s been most difficult to swallow? one of my teacher friends is fed up with the leadership of the teacher's union being buddy-buddy with the administration and is thinking about leaving the union
  2. What swan thing from last week you’ll spend time reflecting on this week? working on my wardrobe purge and deep cleaning the bedroom
  3. What are you waiting your tern for? I can't think of anything
  4. Who do you suspect is robin you blind? My landlord raised the rent starting in July
  5. To what cause or effort are you planning to pigeon sometime soon? enjoying vacation

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The Gal Herself said...

I can understand why #1 would concern you. Solidarity = strength.