ten things tuesday

 Questions I modified from The Healthy Maven:

1. Who are you grateful for in this season of life? I'm really grateful for my students, this time of year is crazy busy but we still manage to have meaningful classes and conversations

2. What is your current morning routine? I wake up at 5 and take my thyroid medication and lounge in bed scroll on social media, solve Wordle, mentally organize the day and at 5:30, get out of bed--breakfast, shower, dress, and leave

3. What is your current evening routine? I try to unplug about an hour before I go to bed, then I wash my face, brush my teeth, lay out tomorrow's outfit, pajama, meditate and sleeeeeep

4. Does either routine need to shift to help ground you at the moment? nope

5. In what ways did you see the beauty of this season today? the sun was out for most of the day and it wasn't windy

6. How can you connect with someone you love this week? I plan to touch base with my sisters and this weekend I will spend time with my parents

7. What do you need for this season? the wind to stop blowing so hard

8. What is your perfect spring day? the upper 60s or 70s, sun, a light breeze

9. What are your favorite parts of this season? I love watching the trees leaf out before my eyes, and the flowers

10. What would bring you more comfort today? a leg massage and someone to kill the hornet in my window

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The Gal Herself said...

I agree with you on what makes a perfect spring day. And we get so few of them!