ten things tuesday

Ten things--five great, five not-so-great:

Five great things: 
1) My students LOVED the Abraham Lincoln CSI investigation today.  They analyzed different primary and secondary sources and put together indictments against some of the major players.
2) I got raves on today's outfit.  
3) Most of my lesson plans are finished--just the final details and to go over them with my substitute sometime next week.
4) One of my former students gave me a graduation announcement--I thought she didn't like me (she has a wicked rbf and is on the quiet side so I always thought she didn't like me)
5) Today is Dad's 85th birthday!!!

Five not-so-great things:
6) I may overdraft my checking account.  Ugh.  I forget about automatic payments sometimes.
7) It's rainy, overcast, chilly, and dreary.
8) I have to reschedule my lymphatic leg massage next week.
9) I have to go to an assembly that I don't want to go to on Thursday.  
10) In order to fix something for dinner I have to actually get out of my chair, dirty dishes, wash the dishes when I'm done... and... I'm not really feeling it.

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

I love the CSI approach! How did Mary Surratt fare with your students? (I'm still not so sure she deserved what she got.)

Happy birthday, DAD!

PS I have a specific credit for automatic payments and I pay it in full every month. I earn rewards for those regular payments, I can't be over overdrawn, and often, banks have different and better protections for credit cards than debit cards. (It's perfectly legal and makes sense. After all, when money comes out of your checking account, it's CASH. It's easier for the financial institutions to reverse credit transactions.) Anyway, you might want to look for a good cash-back credit card and only use it for this.