ten things tuesday

Ten things about today:

Two things that I am grateful for today:
1.  The cold and sickness are gone!  I feel back to my normal self.
2.  I write detailed lesson plans.  And play way ahead.

Two things that made today great:
3. I loved the dress I wore on this warm, perfect, spring day!

4. My APUSH students were rapt when I was talking to them about the Civil War.

Two things I did well today:
5.  Organized for a substitute at the end of the month.
6. Connected with my other students.

Two things that I could have done better today:
7.  I could have had better boundaries about my time.
8.  I forgot Jess' birthday gift for the week of gifts!

Two things I will do to make the rest of the day great:
9. Mindfully eat my dinner.
10. Spend time this evening reading and relaxing.

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

I'm sorry about the present. You were planning it to be ideal and it didn't turn out that way and that can be so frustrating. But it's only Tuesday. The week is still young!