ten things tuesday

1) I have a cold.  An actual, real cold.  This is what I get for taking my mask off.

2) I have taken tomorrow off from school so I can rest.  Today did me in. 

3) And I have a substitute book group leader!

4) Counting down to Tampa! 28 days!

5) I got a fun birthday gift for Dad--his birthday is the 17th.  He'll be 85!!!

6) My school friend, Jess, is turning 30 on May 14 and I need to figure out some small things I can do for her all week.

7) I'm cohabiting with a good-sized spider.  I can't seem to kill it.

8) I forgot how tiring it is to be sick.

9)  I forgot what a crabby Patty I am when I am sick.

10) I've got plans for the weekend so I need to get well!

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The Gal Herself said...

"Crabby Patty." Love that phrase!

Our agency had a big after work party for everyone last Thursday. All indoors, no masks, buffet. Guess what: by Sunday management got so many reports of positive covid test that the office is closed this week. I personally know 5 people who tested positive. All were vaxxed/boosted, so none of the cases is hospital-level. But it makes me glad I pleaded gut trouble (not a lie) and stayed home. Funny. I was indoors at the movies for 4 days and flew to/from LA and I tested negative. Masks were required by the TCM Film Festival. Thank God! (Know before you go: Floridians don't mask.)

Happy birthday, Dad. I hope your gift gives him lots of smiles.