friday 5

  1. When did you more recently need a piece of string? I really can't remember
  2. Who’s been a pain in the neck? a colleague is overly dramatic
  3. What are you probably fretting needlessly about, or what bridge should you probably cross when you get to it? I wouldn't say fretting (yet) but I am starting to get hyped about my Tampa trip at month's end
  4. What do you need to pick up this week? I need a couple things at the market--like a new toothbrush
  5. What have you only recently gone nuts over? I've read a couple of books lately that I am super psyched about! Not A Happy Family and People Like Her

1 comment:

CountryDew said...

Don't you need "string" to knit? (I consider all of that to be string; I know it's yarn but . . .)