saturday 9


(I Got Spurs That) Jingle Jangle Jingle

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a cowboy who is very happy about his single status. Is your closest friend married or single? Do you think he or she would be happier if their marital status changed?  my bestie is single and I think she would like to have someone special in her life
2) Our cowboy is riding merrily along on horseback. Do you often ride? uh, no
3) John Ritter/Jack Tripper used to sing the refrain of this song as he got ready for dates on Three's Company. Were you a fan of the show? yes--I loved John Ritter

4) This was a top hit for bandleader Kay Kyser, who was popular during the Big Band Era. In those days, orchestras played behind vocalists, bandleaders were stars, and dances like the jitterbug and lindy hop were popular. Can you do either of those dances? no

5) Kyser's orchestra featured many vocalists over the years. Harry Babbitt and Julie Conway sing this week's song. Another vocalist who toured with Kyser was Mike Douglas, who went on to host a syndicated talk show from 1961 to 1981. Do you recall The Mike Douglas Show? oh--I loved that show!
6) Kyser suffered from arthritis and wanted to retire from touring in the mid-1940s but he couldn't because he was contractually committed to concert appearances. Is there anything on today's to-do list you don't really feel like doing? no, I can't think of anything

7) Kay was a popular radio personality who combined music with comedy and quizzes. Today's most popular quiz shows are Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. On which show would you be a more successful contestant: Jeopardy! or Wheel of Fortune? although I love trivia, I suspect I'd have more success on Wheel
8) In 1942, the year this record was popular, Aretha Franklin was born. What's your favorite Aretha Franklin song? Think from The Blues Brothers

9) Random question: Do you sing in the shower? no, sometimes I hum


Diana_CT said...

I never knew that Aretha Franklin songs were used in the Blue Brothers movie.

CountryDew said...

That song was perfect in that section of The Blues Brothers. I'd forgotten about that.

Stacy said...

"Think" is a good song. I didn't think of that. Love the Blues Brothers movies.

The Gal Herself said...

I do love that diner scene in The Blues Brothers.