friday 5


  1. This week, when was good enough good enough? I had a day this week (I think it was Wednesday) that my lesson plan was less than exciting but good enough was good enough
  2. What are a few songs you’d include in a middle-of-the-road playlist? Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" and Heart's "Dreamboat Annie" are the first songs that come to mind
  3. What is the most ordinary thing about you? I love a daily routine
  4. What do you like most about an average day? being home
  5. What do people seem to think is wonderful while you think it’s just okay? sushi

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onebadscrivener said...

I think even if one were not inclined to like a daily routine, when one becomes a teacher it becomes a haven -- for teacher and for students. It's one reason the first weeks of a school year are so stressful sometimes: all we teachers want is a normal week, to establish expectations and routines, but the nature of a new school year often means a normal week is impossible. Used to drive me crazy before I learned to ride that part of the year out.