friday 5


  1. What are you moving toward? I am moving to the end of this school year
  2. What moves you right out the door? my need for morning coffee
  3. When did you recently move a scheduled meeting, appointment, get-together, or date? I started this staycation week with something planned every day and all of it got rescheduled
  4. What’s keeping you from moving on something? my ennui
  5. What’s a memorable move (successful or not) someone made on you, or a memorable move you made on someone? back in my waitress/hosting days, there was a regular customer who always asked to be seated in my section even though I was not the best waitress--after several weeks, I added my phone number to the back of his bill and we even went out on a date.  He was only in a temporary position locally but we dated while he was here.  I should look him up on Facebook to see what's going on with him.

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onebadscrivener said...

Aw that's a nice response for question 5. I love it when little unexpected connections work out like this.